Monday, June 12, 2017

Water Service Replacements Completed. Curb & Gutter Replacement Begins

Work Completed, June 5th to June 9th  
·         Continued making connections to existing water mains along side streets
·         Completed water service replacements from Palmgren Drive to Dewes Street
o   All water service replacements are completed for the project
·         Started storm sewer improvements
·         Concrete curb & gutter removals

Work Anticipated to be performed, June 12th to June 16th
·         Make final connection to existing water main at Henley Street
·         Continue with storm sewer improvements
·         Complete abandonments for existing water main
·         Begin concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk replacements along the west side of Harlem Avenue starting at Golf Road and working north.

The construction is transitioning into a new phase.  The underground utility (water main and storm sewer) work is coming to an end and the roadway improvements are beginning.  The first step in the roadway improvements is the replacement of concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk that was damaged during construction or in poor condition.  The contractor will primarily work on the west side of the street and work north.

Some work will be performed in front of driveways. If work is scheduled to be performed in front of your driveway, access will be restricted for approximately 5 days. The Village of Glenview will hand-deliver a letter to your door prior to removing the curb & gutter and/or sidewalk in front of your driveway stating the day and time in which the vehicles should be removed and parking instructions. Please be on the look-out for these letters. Everything will be done to minimize the amount of time access is restricted.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding during construction.