Friday, July 14, 2017

Work Resumes This Week with Concrete Replacements

As you are likely aware, the State of Illinois passed a budget during the evening hours of July 6th. Having a passed state budget allowed for construction to continue on State / Federally funded projects like this one.

Unfortunately, due to the timing of the State Budget passing and the workload that was scheduled by the contractors during the shut-down period, work was not able to begin last week, July 10th through 14th.

Work will begin again this week.

Work Performed, July 10th to 14th  
·         None
·         Due to IDOT shut-down, timing of passed state budget, and contractor workloads, work was unable to resume last week.

 Work Anticipated to be Performed, 17th to July 21st  
·         Re-mobilization of materials and equipment
·         Re-establish traffic control
·         Concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk replacement on the east side of Harlem Avenue from Harrison Street to Glenview Road.

As the concrete replacement work resumes, some residents will not have driveway access for approximately 5 to 7 days while the concrete is removed, poured, and allowed significant time to cure. Residents will be notified by the Village of Glenview prior to removing any concrete in front of your driveway that will restrict access for an extended period of time. The notification will include dates and times to have vehicles removed from the driveway, available parking options, and anticipated timeframe access will be restored.