Friday, May 26, 2017

Water Main Work Nearly Completed. Roadway Improvements to Begin Soon.

Work Completed, May 22nd to May 25th
·         Main line water main completed
·         Connections to existing water mains on side streets on-going.
·         Water service replacements completed from Culver Lane to Palmgren Drive
·         Water service replacements completed along Colfax Avenue
·         Began testing for water main from Palmgren Drive to Dewes Street to place into service once necessary approvals are received.
·         Continued installing temporary asphalt patching over water main trench.

Work Anticipated to be completed, May 30th to June 2nd  
·         Complete testing and receive required approvals for water main from Palmgren Drive to Dewes Street
·         Perform water service replacements from Palmgren Drive to Dewes Street
·         Abandon existing water main that is no longer in service
·         Storm sewer improvements.

Water service replacements will continue next week. Water services will be replaced from the new water main to the existing valve and box located in front of each home. During the water service replacement, water to individual homes will be shut-off for approximately 2-3 hours while the transition from the old service to the new service is made. The contractor will notify each resident individually regarding the approximate time and day of the water shut-off prior to turning off the water.

The water services will be directionally drilled under the existing pavement. In order to for this work to be performed, the contractor will be setting up equipment on your lawns and need to park equipment in your driveways. In order to minimize and potential damage, the equipment will be placed on sheets to wood. The contractor will notify you prior to any driveway access restricts and will restore any damage to the lawns.

There are a few minor storm sewer improvements to complete. Once the storm sewer and water main work is completed, the underground utility improvements will be completed. Then construction will move into the roadway improvements phase which includes concrete curb & gutter replacement at selected locations, concrete base patching, removing the existing asphalt surface, and paving a new asphalt surface.

Thank you for all your patience has you have been living in a construction area and all the inconveniences that are associated with it.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!!!